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Key West, Florida

"Despite the commercialism, the boat people and street performers, still living the good life. The town is tolerant of long hairs and pot is available from Jamaica. Love the town but there are some drawbacks."

Added: December 8th 2001
Category: Place
Location: Florida

Hits: 9558

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Key West, Florida
Posted by DaloniusMonk on 2012-08-13 15:46:56
We are not trying to "slam" anyone. However, there are members of all walks of life that are an embarrassment to the Human Race in general. These people include the "fake" homeless or "phony" panhandlers. We have all encountered these people. They are usually born into a privileged upbringing. They have rich parents, food, clothing, and an opportunity for education (things most homeless people never had).  You can find them in the hippy scene, you can find them in the punk scene. 

They stand on the corner of busy streets and ask you for money. Meanwhile, they have hundreds of dollars worth of body jewelry and tattoos covering their body. They ask you for spare change, then they put it in their pocket next to the iPhone that is still on daddy's plan. They slide the one dollar bill you just gave to the homeless next to the credit card in their back pocket. The card that's paid by daddy for when panhandling just doesn't work out. They also probably have a dog that looks very well fed. They are attracted to the so called "gypsy" life as they put it. Or as we put it, "lame-o" life. If You fall into this category: f--k you. You are not a hippy you are not a punk. You are a self contradicting, fake, low life, scam artist who gives hippies and punks a bad name anywhere. 

A true hippie knows the difference between someone in need and someone who pretends. A true hippie has a desire to IMPROVE their living conditions and GIVE BACK to society.  True hippies do not have a desire to INTENTIONALLY LOWER their standard of living while LEACHING off society. 

Just like big business, government, and mainstream media- you contribute to a crumbling community and get no love from us. Sorry.

Key West, Florida
Posted by savage on 2009-10-24 04:22:44
Honestly i just think this site is really mean and there isn't many sites for hippies and people who think out side the box and i feel that this should be more "peaceful" what happened to the supposed hippie site?? c'mon people, people are different,ppl come from all walks of life, some are still growing and need to be heard not slammed. some aggressive panhandlers and such are rude but if your broke and thats all you got to work with then by all means were all here to help eachother out...all you have to do is say no if you are offended....we have to hear those and help those that are still forming....it's very important....but i just thought that i'de bring that up....but besides that...i am lovin you brothers and sisters!!

Key West, Florida
Posted by Gemini Osiris Dream on 2007-07-19 02:20:15
Paparrothead isn't a hippie at all, merely an asshole. Still, freaks the panhandling's risky and it's not worth even coming to Key West. The pork hate you.

Key West, Florida
Posted by daltooooman on 2007-03-26 22:48:12
hey im runnin away to goodstock anyone mind giving me a ride i got $150 plus ticket money for three days so please give me a lift

Key West, Florida
Posted by on 2007-03-23 19:52:54
hey did ne hear bout goodstock brothers sisters you gotta check it out ummm its in Sommersvillie WEST VIRGINIA ITS THE REAL SECOND COMING OF WOOD STOCK ticket for three days r $75.00 for one day its $28.00 check it out their protesting the iraq war there. peace out :)

Key West, Florida
Posted by Amy Rosebrock on 2007-03-09 02:43:09
Thanks guys fr all the comments. We went to key west, van camped for a month.. did the camp K-Mart thing for another couple of weeks. Bought a boat for under 2,000 bout a couple of canoes and lived it up a mile off of stock island. Met tons of really cool people. Some of the coolest cops I have ever met, and befriended. Performed Tons of bad ass shows on Mallory square. Then after 2 years sold the boat and left to head to the mountains of Colorado. I highly recommend Key west especially if you like the ocean and boats. You can buy a live aboard for under 2,000 even under 1,000 if at the right time. Amy

Key West, Florida
Posted by rsstoner on 2007-02-20 23:16:55
Okay, so we're all hippies here, peace, free love......................tell me what you think a hippie is..............Thanks

Key West, Florida
Posted by mari on 2006-06-27 01:55:51
Hi would like to meet some hippies in ft.lauderdale florida Im from arizona ran into your page by accident my lucky day was very impressed by it thanks Mari

Key West, Florida
Posted by Paparrothead on 2006-01-11 20:14:54
Lets see ?, yes Key West has become a tourist trap but who's fault is that? It is outragously expensive to find living quarters... ahh lets see it's a small island not enough space everyone wants to live hear umm well duh what do you expect. As far as hippie friendly,the people who left comments aren't hippies. There is a difference between freeloading, panhandling assholes and hippies. As far as the homeless (see above) where is the city to put them?, and the city just built a shelter for them to get them off atlantic ave. Sorry the plight of the homeless is a bad one all over and its compounded in a small high cost of living area that can not absorb the inflow of homeless. Then there is the lazy don't want to work panhandling 20somethings that think life should be handed to them and they are going to sit get high and watch the sunset and mooch off of others . Thinking thier freespirits . When this doesn't work out they blame were they are at or society... but of course not themselves and they move to the next town seeking nirvana after getting arrested for theft. drugs or being a vagrant. There are many more free spirited old hippies in the keys per capita then most places in the states and you can still enjoy many more freedoms in the keys then almost anywhere else in the US. Yes it's expensive and yes you have to get off your lazy butt and find away to make a living, get creative. Then sit get high and watch the sunset melt into the ocean, your buzz will feel sooo much better. There is a price to be paid to live or do anything.

Key West, Florida
Posted by Desolation Angel on 2006-01-05 21:46:15
Hey freaks , Boycott the Denny's on the corner of Duval & Truman Streets . You can't use their bathrooms unless you're a customer and the day manager is an asshole . Besides , the food is overrated and too expensive .

Key West, Florida
Posted by Kidlazy on 2005-11-16 23:44:39
Well I currently live in Key West and all i have to say is STAY AWAY!! I came here 7 yrs ago vacationing and it was a kewl town then, Not anymore. I am moving out in the spring. The town has become more or less a family town..even the gay scene is quickly going which i find sad. I wont get into all the down sides of living here but ill say they far surpass the good qualitys of the Town. And its expensive as hell to live here and aint getting any cheaper.And they dont mess around down here when it comes to getting busted with drugs. You will sit in jail for a bit. Adios!

Key West, Florida
Posted by Gemini Osiris Dream on 2005-07-23 00:03:23
Hey hippies ,rainbows , Deadheads , gutter punks and counter-culture varieties ; please avoid coming to Key West if are homeless and/ or broke . The pork there is more fascist than ever, and they will bust you for the most trivial of offences . ( panhandling , loitering, vagrancy , open containers , even obstructing sidewalks ) Unless you have a lot of money , Key West is an extremely boring place. I have never seen a town populated by so many assholes ( and includes Richmond , Virginia where I grew up ) Here's a couple of businesses owned by assholes you can avoid : 1. The used bookstore on Truman Ave. that advertises itself as " the largest secondhand bookstore in South Florida " . The bearded guy who works there at night is a total CUNT. Another CUNT is this character who owns a cigar shop on Duval called 222 Up . If anybody knows this shitbags name please let me know . If you're vegan and you're hungry,you'll be shit out of luck , because the only two soup kitchens in town are religious organizations and they are NOT vegan-friendly . Unless you can find somewhere better to go than KW , go elsewhere . Gemini Dream astraltraveler58vegan@happyhippie.com

Key West, Florida
Posted by Ed on 2005-05-02 01:50:58
This is to Krystin: Of all the lame brain attitudes, you say that the tents were given to those people so that makes it ok to bulldose them along with there personal possesions after people were living in them? Along with there personal possesions. I wonder how you would like your rented home to be demolished with all your personal posessions that you dont happen to have with you durring the day when you are gone. Yes I do relize you probly pay a big rent so that is not likely to happen. But if those tents were given to those people to live in at that location then they were basicly given permission to live there in them. there fore they should have been allowed to get their possesions before any bulldosers ever came near the place. Plus if those tents were really a humanitarian gift then the people should have been allowed to remove them too should not buldosed under like trash. The fact that bulldosers were used just showes that they were considered trash by those who were incharge of that action,not homes that real people who were at that time unable to afford good homes.. Shame on you for your thinking that doing that was ok to do

Key West, Florida
Posted by tiedeye on 2005-04-19 16:27:01
I just moved down to Fort Myers, FL last month. Anybody, please let me know where all the Dead Heads are around here. I appreciate any help someone can give me. -Tiedeye-

Key West, Florida
Posted by Dragonfly on 2005-03-13 03:42:54
I know someone who is homeless in Key west. This person is a senior citizen. I really wish there was more done about the way some homeless people are treated in key west. This person whom i am close to has been robbed, threated and of all things got beated up. A 60 yr old homeless woman was treated this way by some young people who thought it would be fun to do this. What is our would comming to? Where is the respect of elders in a situation like this? I wish that homeless people had more rights and better ways to take care of themselfs in keys west.

Key West, Florida
Posted by Kayleigh Jade on 2005-02-13 00:28:17   My Score:
Hanging out with people you don't know is the best part of any good time. Any place in Florida is a amazingly GRooVy place to be. One thing I was woundering is if any one lived close to the Fort Myers area, and could give me a tip on finding LSD. I live in Florida and was looking for some pointers. Peace out & love to all, Jade

Key West, Florida
Posted by shamanarchist on 2005-01-15 20:27:04
i am going there in february and need to know if theres any acid to be found.that sunset is calling me! any tips?? i would ask the local performers, but unfortunatly, most of the hippies i met down there last year were nice, but untrustworthy. ken kesey would cry!! i was sold bunk acid for 20 bucks a hit! the next day i saw the man and he started running (as if i would ever hurt anything!) so if anyone has any tips, i would be eternally GREATFULL.

Key West, Florida
Posted by Gemini Osiris Dream on 2004-09-22 10:58:15
Kristin , Obviously , you must be one of the rich chic " hippies " who populate K.W. Boating and beaching sounds very elitest me . I'm a poor homeless hippie who came down to merely escape the cold north . Panhandling's great only during festivals , holidays and spring break . Yes , I have met a few nice people here . Oh , hi Ashley ! But for Jesus's sake, hippies ; stay out of Gainesville . They hate hippies/ rainbows/ deadheads/ flower children and gutter punks . Gainesville seems nice at first , but you'll discover no one gives a rat's ass about you there and that includes the local Food Not Bombs who are made up of a bunch of liberal/leftest/anarchist White college kids with a guilt complex . If your homeless in Gainesville you may find yourself in jail for the dumbestass offences such as panhanling,vagrancy and trespassing . I know. I did jailtime for all three . Hippies, bypass G'ville ! The pork hates you !

Key West, Florida
Posted by Krystin on 2004-09-03 01:54:21
Gemini, what you are saying may be true but you need to be telling the whole story the right way. I live there and I know. In no way did they bulldoze over any tents along the beach. Those tents were given to those people from the county in the first place and what they did is tell them they couldn't support them to stay on the beach anymore and offered for all those people to stay in a shelter for as long as they needed to get back on their feet, or get wherever they need to go. They couldn't bulldoze over everything those people had, they had nothing in the first place! Oh, and if you say you can't find hippies in Key West or the surrounding area, I suggest you search again because you are sadly mistaken. Key West is a paradise for those who love boating, beaches, drinking, drugs, and hanging out with unique people. If that isn't a paradise, I don't know what is.

Key West, Florida
Posted by Krystin on 2004-09-03 01:53:19
Gemini, what you are saying may be true but you need to be telling the whole story the right way. I live there and I know. In no way did they bulldoze over any tents along the beach. Those tents were given to those people from the county in the first place and what they did is tell them they couldn't support them to stay on the beach anymore and offered for all those people to stay in a shelter for as long as they needed to get back on their feet, or get wherever they need to go. They couldn't bulldoze over everything those people had, they had nothing in the first place! Oh, and if you say you can't find hippies in Key West or the surrounding area, I suggest you search again because you are sadly mistaken. Key West is a paradise for those who love boating, beaches, drinking, drugs, and hanging out with unique people. If that isn't a paradise, I don't know what is.

Key West, Florida
Posted by Gemini Osiris Dream on 2004-08-26 03:53:42
Hey fellow hippies , Key West is NOT the tropical paradise that everyone says . In the late 60s and early 70s maybe . The town has the most hostile treatment of the homeless of anywhere in the USA . Just recently, they bulldozed a tent camp near the beach . They didn't even warn the residents that this was to take place . They just went in with the bulldozers ,ran over , flattened and dumped sand and dirt over the property . Many brothers and sisters came home that evening to find everything they had buried or destroyed . Key West has become yuppiefied in the last twenty years and most of the original hippies and flower children have long since departed the area Key West is building a tent city on Stock Island , just north of town to house the homeless . Good ? The homeless and the free-spirited are given the ultimatum : tent city or jail . Brothers and sisters , unless you have money and /or lodging stay away from Key West ! astraltraveler58vegan@yahoo.com

Key West, Florida
Posted by Krystin on 2004-08-16 06:16:47
I actually lived in Key West for 9 years and I had the time of my life. The street people are awesome, very generous considering their situations. I was always treated with a lot of love and open arms. Key West in a nut shell: good location, good weed, and good people.

Key West, Florida
Posted by irrelevant on 2004-01-29 05:43:09
Three words for Key West: Gay Gay Gay It is a pretty fun town!

Key West, Florida
Posted by amy rosebrock on 2004-01-27 05:23:08
I'm looking for a place to stay for a few months starting febuary 9,2004 while performing in key west I am a street performer it would be my performing partner and our performing dog. we are willing to pay for a good openminded space to stay in. wearhouse or studio space prefered but a decent room would be stellar as well. you can check out what we do @ http://www.shunkapeta.00show.com please wmail me if you have a sace or know of space. shunkapeta@yahoo.com thank you, Amy

Key West, Florida
Posted by JESSICA MCCOLLOUGH on 2003-01-16 14:43:46
HELP! I just moved here from Los Angeles. I can't find any kind of person with an open mind/ deep soul. All i want is to be around the right kind of people, my boyfriend and I are great fun loving people. we live in bradenton, FL if you know any pleace to go thats awesom to hang out at give me an email @ jmccollough@positive-thinking.com :) peace

Key West, Florida
Posted by Talboy on 2002-10-21 16:53:54   My Score:
I was hoping someone could suggest a good place to stay in the Florida Keys that's around $100 a night? Thanks

Key West, Florida
Posted by KarmaMama on 2002-05-31 18:43:20
Hi, if anyone happens to know anyone who was part of any communes in the seventies that goes by the name of Jacqueline Hiebert-Beuregarde-Christensen (perhaps also add Allan) please let me know My friend David is looking for her. She married him in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada and he wishes to annul the marriage so he can marry someone else legally. Thanks

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